The Perpetual Emotion Machine

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Imustbedead presents

The Perpetual Emotion Machine

An Indefinite human experience
Feelings infinite
Never ending rotating thoughts
One of a kind art for my friends and family
Please join me as I unload 10,000 photos all over your faces
Visual orgasms for all who attend
High end prints and small magic ones too
Something for everyone as I am nothing without you

I restricted all of my work of Burning Man 2019 from the internet this year, in order that such an occasion and viewing party hold more prestige and weight! It hasn’t been easy, as a combination of both a giant wave of messages from my peers demanding their release, along with a yearning to be accepted and popular and famous and a social media god, pulled at me for months now! But my edgelording is strong, and we have made it finally to the point of sweet release! Come along as I share the photographs of my life and burn, and lend me the same energy that made them possible in the first place. I promise you will be fascinated, obsessed, amused and aroused with what you witness. I am a perpetual emotion machine, I am creativity boundless and without end, I am imustbedead, and I have some fucking art I’d like to share with you now!